My Desire Map Story


Let's talk about life... Do you feel free? Joyful? Connected?

Most importantly, does your life feel the way you want it to feel?

About five years ago, I downloaded Danielle LaPorte’s first e-book, the Fire Starter Sessions. It was a PDF with absolutely crazy videos that changed the way I thought about my work. The chapter was The Metrics of Ease and the point of it was simple - who said it had to be hard. That sentence changed the way I thought about my entire world. It was like fresh air, an earthquake and a chorus of angels, all at the same time. I dug into Danielle’s work… deeply.

If the Fire Starter Sessions changed how I worked then The Desire Map changed how I experienced life.

The Desire Map was the catalyst for the change I needed.

This book isn’t just intellectual theory. It actually walks you through the process of practically (+ soulfully) creating a life that you actually want to live, connected to people, experiences and things that you actually want to be connected to. 

It seems so obvious, right?
Of course! My life should feel good!

Here’s the thing, lots of people think The Desire Map isn’t a realistic approach for someone who works for someone else… but it’s simply not true. How you want to feel works as a guide no matter what you do or who you work for. The Desire Map Workshop is the perfect way to dig in and find home.

And because of the profound impact desire mapping has had on my life, I want to sing about this work from the rooftops. I want you to have this opportunity to reclaim your life too, which is why...

When I heard that Danielle was creating a Licensing program so that people could teach this material, I was one of the first people waving my arms at the front of the line. I’m an Emergency Manager (working for the City of San Francisco) and everything about The Desire Map is non-crisis… but the reality of my job is bringing people together to protect the places and people we love - and I know Desire Mapping is no different.

I am thrilled to announce that I’m an official Desire Map Licensee (cue the confetti and those awesome horns!!!).

I’m preparing to host my first in-person workshop in San Rafael, CA in January of 2015.

If you’d like to join me, click here for more details.

It’s never too late to live a life that feels good. A life that you consciously choose and design, based on your own core desired feelings.

I can't wait to help you uncover what you desire!