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the manifesto

After about six months of writing, I figured it was about time that I craft my vision, my manifesto. So... here goes...

In my perfect world, creativity and confidence (and creative confidence) would be taught in every school. Fear would be reserved for spiders and snakes, only. And Bi-Rite Creamery ice cream sandwiches would be served at the end of every get-together.

I am living proof that you can work for someone else without giving up your passion. That being an intrapreneur is just as vital as being an entrepreneur. And that public service and forward thinking are not exclusive of each other.

I believe that deep clarity, the kind that resonates in the soul, stems from observation and experience. That design and research are essential guideposts for life. And that compassion is the most powerful force on the planet.

I am here to remind you that there is intense power to be had in a cup of hot cocoa, a fountain pen and a journal.

And I have one question for you - when was the last time you let your soul be seen?