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india as contradiction

India is a land of contradictions. Religious and yet so little peace to be found. Headed toward Mars and still burning cow dung for cooking fuel. Such beauty and such chaos in one place.

For the last week I’ve pondered one sole question - how do I explain this place? The place where Eastern religion meets Western consumption. Where art honors the Gods and Goddesses and offers no form of protest or depiction of the average life. Where World Heritage mixes freely with acres of waste and pollution. The land of Namaste, where curry, cumin and coriander are served three meals a day and everyone knows what Coca Cola is.

Where social indifference reigns supreme. Where beating the rules is expected and kickbacks are traditional. Where cast is outlawed, but still seems to judge people each and every day. Where living out of doors and cooking with an open fire is the rule, rather than the exception. Where the history of conquests and emperors is honored as highly as Temples to the Gods.

How does one place hold such contradictions so close?