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a gathering of women: 21st Century Feminism

"Feminism is silly." When I heard this my body recoiled, physically and I'm absolutely certain my face had a look that said "you must be f*ing kidding me." Because I believe anything but, Feminism is silly.

I stem from a long line of feminists. Women strong, proud and powerful in their own right, and the men who supported and encouraged them. My grandmothers (yes, both of them) worked during the 40's, 50's, 60's and 70's, long before it was popular or perhaps even expected. They worked to help keep their families afloat. To support their husbands entrepreneurial drive. My mother and her sisters, all entrepreneurial in their own right, gracefully proved that you could blaze a trail or two, help build an empire and still kick ass in the home. 

Feminism has changed.

It's very different than when Elizabeth Cady Staton and Susan B. Anthony marched for women's voting rights (cheers to the 19th Amendment!), and it's different even still from 50 years ago when Gloria Steinem testified on Capitol Hill in favor of equal rights.

But I have sat around a table of women, each seeking ways to share, proclaim and down-right grow themselves and their businesses (a massive thank you to Alexandra Franzen for this opportunity!). And I was struck - this gathering of women is the 21st century version of Feminism. It's not silly. It's not outdated. It's alive and well, as women meet to honor their own work in fellowship.

It is good. Very good, indeed.