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golden gloves

Sometimes you don't realize how hard you are fighting,

Until you stop.

Until you stop and

Rest your arms.


Ease the bobbing and weaving

Against the invisible enemy and

Slow your heart just enough to realize

That what you are fighting

Is no longer present.

That you conquered that enemy

Long, long ago.



And somehow,

After the vanquish,

You forgot to hang up

The Golden Gloves. 


Boston from Bentlily


They keep saying

people with severed limbs

and I want to say
though it is a small point
in the wreckage of my thoughts
that they are not with those limbs

they are without

without the legs
that climbed stairs
ran races
bounced their babies

without the triumph they deserved
without the simplicity of tomorrow
without the trust that a sidewalk
won’t rupture and swallow them again

this sudden withoutness

it chews away at my throat
like it always does
making me want to dig my hands
into the air and push it all back
as though the present
is a landslide I can prevent
with the grit of my want

and the impossible blank
of the people whose faces will never return
their absence is the opposite of gone
they are all we can think about

so I do the only thing there is to do
I stitch my words deeper
into everyone I love
and I try to believe
my wishes can travel
to mend the ones who are broken.

- From Bentlily