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what creating really looks like

yesterday I did not write - at least not here. But I did create. I took some really amazing photos that I'll be sharing in the #100DaysofCivicValley project - don't worry there will be a page dedicated just to that project shortly. And I connected deeply with a few friends I haven't seen in weeks.

It was a dedication to my art, in another way. An opportunity just as viable and important as an essay. It was moving beyond the walls of the box and pushing in a different direction. That I recognize that, did not beat myself up over it and continued forward is the most valuable of self care.

I am grateful.

on dedication

21 days into my little post a day experiment and I’m struck by how much thinking must go into each post. I’m not writing a tome or even something brilliant, yet each day must have time to craft thoughts. Time to think, apply and comprehend the world around me. It’s not a task generally planned for in the day of the average human. Most of us do not set the timer, close the door, block time in the calendar to focus on producing results toward a goal. Most of us don’t do that because we assume it will come naturally. We believe we are already producers and so we think we will produce when we feel inspired to create.

But after a mere 21 days I don’t believe we do. I think we (and by we, I mean I) give ourselves, our brains and our thoughts too much credit. And we give inspiration too much control. Really being good or even just applying ourselves moderately well requires dedication. If we were dedicated how would we create? Would we be prolific like Woody Allen or world-changing like Robert Johnson? If we applied our time to something that mattered to us could we make a difference?

So after 21 days - I’ve decided to keep this going as long as possible - to dedicate energy and time to creating my art. Whatever that art might be on that particular day. Who knows where that dedication might lead. 

Beginning the craft

I've been thinking a lot about my goals. I typically write down all that I want to accomplish in the upcoming quarter - three months is a good guideline for me. And most of those goals are tied to me - not to things I want, but things I want to do.  They require action.

Take writing and posting every day (yes, I've test driven this concept and I'm gonna do it this quarter) or building my photographic body of work (it's important to me).... They require me to do something. To go beyond wishful thinking.

Developing a side project, helping a favorite non-profit tell thei story... Takes time to craft. And that's maybe the key/secret sauce/cornerstone to accomplishment. Aligning, writing, analyzing mean nothing if you don't take the time to craft. 

Butt in chair, pen in hand, camera at the ready... Time to begin the craft.