The Rocking Chair


A little more than 100 years have graced its frame. More than 100 years of stories told, countless cries soothed, memories relived underneath the setting sun and thoughts of new lives yet to begin.

It is the place where we sit in the middle of the night as your drift to sleep. Your soft snores soothing my own tired body. The place I go to rock you when nothing else will do. Where I share with you the story of your birth, the love your father and I have built and this magical place called Sonoma. 

You do not seem to mind that it is an antique and has a slight squeek in the springs. The formality of the frame is of little difference to you. The only thing you seem to care about is the heartbeat of the one holding you and the rhythm of their rocking.

Without your knowing you add your own story to this piece of art. Your own cries and dreams bring even more character to its frame, binding you ever so gently to those who have come before and those yet to arrive.

Alicia JohnsonComment