opening the door

A few days ago I said yes to something that will change my life. And it occurred to me - it isn't often that we consciously know that saying yes (or no) will change our trajectory.

Five years ago, I moved to California for a job. It was the second time I had moved for a job and I anticipated more of the same. The same routine. The same trajectory. The same happy, satisfied life. Nothing much to change. And to some extent that's what I got. More emergency management, more government and more building partnerships that lead to innovation.

But this... this is not more of the same. This is a home (something more than a house), a future, a yard and a human to share my space, my future... my dreams with. This came from that staid place. Something rich from something so... average.

As I look at this band, light with hope and intention, I recall the first moment - a space where the future passed (fleetingly) before me and I knew.

That moment opened the door for this yes... one thing led to another.

Thus is life.