all great things...

Asking is tough business. It's a struggle to ask for something - for help, for support... for love.

In Western culture we grow up embracing the ideal of individuality - it's the practice that one can and SHOULD accomplish great things alone. It's encouraged as a student, as an athlete and an artist. And it's a complete fallacy. There is no individual accomplishment. No lone genius. It's a myth and one that does not serve the individual, the group, the need or the solution very well.

As a teen I was convinced that all great accomplishment was created and driven by the individual. I wanted to do it by myself, my way. As someone a bit older, my view of accomplishment (especially great accomplishment) has changed drastically. As a side note, my attitude and approach is also changing, but that is slow going at times.

No accomplishment is individual in nature, least of which the really incredible ones. Not one thing is saved, exalted, created, raised, bought, sold, crafted, grown or developed by only one pair of hands. It take a group, a village if you will, of like-minded and willing supporters, to breathe life into the things we've grown to hold dear.

This is a reminder to ask for help, support and love (maybe all three), when you need it. It's the world's opportunity to help you craft the great thing we've been waiting for.