efficiency vs productivity

Efficiency and productivity are not the same thing. One is how much you can put into a day and the other is how well can you make in a day. 

You can have a very efficient day and produce nothing. In my experience, those are the days crammed with meetings that may be about project and products, but not produce.

And you can have a productive day where only one thing gets done and gets done well. In my experience, those are the days that actually make a difference.

But most offices and work environments value efficiency over productivity so much that they are often seen as synonymous. Attending a meeting is not a product. It is an action, a calendar item, an hour you cannot get back... but it is not a product. Meetings do not lead to products. Actions that arrive from meetings only rarely lead directly to productive results.

Meetings do lead to work that needs to be accomplished. Most could likely be accomplished in the hour you set aside for the original meeting, but now must be scheduled into another hour to be accomplished - and we've come full-circle to efficiency.

Modern work culture does not honor creation. It fails to treasure the time it takes to build, craft and find solutions to the heavy problems which plague our world. The sooner we realize that the solution is not more meetings, but more crafting the better off our organizations will be.

Now, please excuse me, while I prepare for another set of Monday meetings.