Stories & WE

I've written much about the power of a good story. Most recently in the real story. But yesterday afternoon, the final chapter in The Art of Possibility struck a chord. A rather insistent one.

The power of a great story is the WE. It's not about me or you. But we, the us in between you and me.

If I tell you a story about you (or me) I'm doing it wrong. Or at least not as well as I could be. If you tell me a story and it fails to resonate it's either a case of wrong audience or wrong story - which is essentially the same thing. If you want my buy in it needs to impact me. If I want the story (real or not) to resonate I need to incorporate you in it. Maybe I need you to help me tell it?

How compelling could our stories be if they shared our collective experience - not just yours and mine?