the 100 days project - 2016

The 100 Days Project is beginning this Tuesday, April 19 and continuing for (get this...) 100 days! If you'd like more information about the project check out Elle Luna's interview on The Great Discontent. Last year I took 100 photos of what I was thinking and feeling. This year I've chosen something a bit different. I'm thrilled to share #100DaysofCivicValley.

San Francisco is a set of small towns inside a big city. Each neighborhood has its own personality. Its own food, architecture, character and people. From block to block the nature of San Francisco shows through.

Over the past five years I've worked on the border of Hayes Valley and Civic Center, a place I lovingly call CivicValley, in the heart of San Francisco. I've seen many changes. Businesses and buildings have come and gone. The people and character of the neighborhoods have changed as the years have moved forward. I thought is was about time to document the beating heart of CivicValley. Welcome to #100daysofCivicValley.

I'm will be sharing this work on Instagram and Facebook, as well as building a special page on the site to gather the work... I look forward to your following and feedback.

Are you participating?? Please drop a note below because I'd love to follow your work!