the chasm

Why does the chasm exist?

For most organizations and opportunities the chasm is a broad space between early adopters and the rest of us. While the chasm is often referenced as a technology growth theory, I believe it impacts far more than that. Here's why: an organization grows both internally and externally and that means the chasm occurs on both sides of that growth. It stands to reason that both sides of the growth suffer a chasm.

Change is difficult, at times painful and frustrating. Adopters, early or otherwise, may find themselves asking: Why must the offering change? Why must I adopt something new and novel for the sake of change?

Of course, there is the - because the boss said so - excuse. An unfulfilling and frankly BS cop out.

Or there is the truth - if we aren’t moving forward, we are moving back - that movement or lack thereof necessitates the chasm. The change. The growth.