shades of gray

As children we are taught that there is a right and wrong way to accomplish something. As an adult that mindset rarely serves us well. There are rarely absolutes in a world of gradation. There is always more than one way. More than my way (or your way) to accomplish the task at hand.

There is always a nice way (probably 100 nice ways) or a not-so-nice way (and 100 of those, too) to get your point across. Seeing that depth, understanding how to use it inside a team environment is vital to creating something thriving and successful.

There are choices. Choices which go beyond right and wrong or black and white or the way it was and the way it is.

The trouble with noticing the many shades of a decision is that it can complicate the decision process. It can paralyze you.

Which leads me to ask, at what point is the ability to see beyond the two decision model no longer useful to you?