Beginning the craft

I've been thinking a lot about my goals. I typically write down all that I want to accomplish in the upcoming quarter - three months is a good guideline for me. And most of those goals are tied to me - not to things I want, but things I want to do.  They require action.

Take writing and posting every day (yes, I've test driven this concept and I'm gonna do it this quarter) or building my photographic body of work (it's important to me).... They require me to do something. To go beyond wishful thinking.

Developing a side project, helping a favorite non-profit tell thei story... Takes time to craft. And that's maybe the key/secret sauce/cornerstone to accomplishment. Aligning, writing, analyzing mean nothing if you don't take the time to craft. 

Butt in chair, pen in hand, camera at the ready... Time to begin the craft.