finding the core


Why do we do what we do?

Why do some people feel a compelling need to visit every country in Europe (that's on my list) or feel a desire to camp three months in the High Sierra (not me... at all)? Why do some people crave writing, while others could care less about the color of ink in their pen?

Desire. Motivation. Action, which leads us to how we want to feel.

But so many times we plot out what we want to accomplish in the next year, the next quarter or the next week and we loose site of why we are adding Europe, exercise and daily writing to our own ever-growing to-do lists.

We know, at a very high level, those things are all good for us, but daily action takes more. More than just I work out so I can still move my body at 85 or I write so I keep my perspective. It takes something deeper, more innate and instinctive, to get out of bed or save the money or say no to good things so you can deeply tap into something great.

That's where essentialism and being in tune and true tie in. If you know how you want to feel, the why behind the European travels or the carrying the journal everywhere (it gets heavy after a while), so many extraneous things completely disappear. The debate between what you want and what you need is non-existant... because wants and needs are aligned at the deepest level possible. At the core.