on creativity

Sometimes I think we believe creativity is the enemy of organization. That it is the enemy of protocol or process. That in order to be the best at something that very well may be life or death, you can't be creative. I hope to hell that isn't true.

I want creativity to seed process so that when things go wrong, as they so often do, we can keep our wits about us and adjust the process by keeping track of the core principles. I do not believe creativity and protocol are mutual exclusive. I would rather they inform each other. As 2016 nears, I've begun thinking of goals. Really I've been thinking of actions that align with my core desires and needs. Creativity, for me at least, is a necessary action. Sure, I make photographs and write regularly, but how might I integrate creativity into the "rest of the story"? Where does creativity fit in an emergency? And how do I help others embrace that creative place?

Guiding ValuesAlicia Johnson