things I've learned this week

  • Being shaken awake by Mother Earth is disconcerting. Ten seconds into said quake, thinking - hurry up and end, I have to get to work, is distrubing.
  • Taking care of yourself during a crazy stressful time is paramount. Take some time today to walk around the block, breathe deep and touch your toes.
  • Experiencing a disaster (of any kind) means people beg for information. There is a lot to be said for telling a compelling story when the iron is hot.
  • You will always get more with honey.
  • Regarding social media - you know, those thoughts you think no one reads... they do and it sticks with them.
  • No one has a flawless poker face. If you think you do, you're mistaken, someone always knows you're faking it.
  • Condescending - to anyone, at anytime - is bad voodoo.
  • Some things just come together, when they do, be ready to embrace it.
  • Never let another person represent you... mentor you, advise you... yes. But speak on your behalf... think twice.
  • Helping people always pays off.

  • The ones who love you are the people who reach out to make sure you're hanging in.

Guiding ValuesAlicia Johnson