For Rosie

We Can Do It!

- Rosie, the Riveter


In 1941, war was a catalyst. One that propelled a semblance of equality between the sexes and for the races. In so many ways, we often view WWII as a war we fought "over there". But the reality of WWII was much deeper for most Americans. I believe the impact on the soul of the US was much greater than we likely understand.

Yes, there was a drastic increase in fighting technology and a multitude of lives were lost and changed by the fight and sacrifice against tyranny. But I feel that there is more to the impact of WWII than the creation of the Air Force or the CIA.

I have an opportunity to work, in what is often considered a masculine field, because women of my grandmother's generation became welders and riveters. Because women, if only for a few years, proved that their capability and quality was strong enough to propel a nation through a treacherous time. Rosie was far more than a pencil sketch of propaganda for these women, and for their daughters and their daughter's daughters.

But change is difficult and often slow. A few years taste of freedom is surely enough to whet the palate, but not satiate the thirst for equality, freedom and choice. That thirst still lingers, some 60 years hence. There are still many barriers to be breached and broken, but I am ever grateful for Rosie and her fellow riveters. Many thanks for paving the way for your daughters and your daughter's daughters.