on action

Plans are one thing, but action is where it's at. No where is that more clear than here - in the Land of Startups. Seems like I know a lot of people with startup ideas and plans... I don't know nearly as many who've actually started up. And it's not because their idea sucks (although sometimes it's not top drawer), it's far more often because the action that is needed just doesn't quite follow through.

There is a trend in the US to study the routines and rituals of great thinkers and creators, that reading about the marvelous accomplishments of others will actually help you accomplish something just as breathtaking. And to an extent that may be true. One can always glean a tip or trick from another. Benjamin Franklin's day planner is helpful to understand his process and his management of time, but reading it won't teach you the value of experimentation and action. If one wants to be marvelous, the study of someone else's schedule is not the way to accomplishment.

They say it's all about who you know - and that's true, but that's not all... action, a track record, gumption, guts, fearlessness... call it what you will, it's necessary to get off the ground, to go farther than the next kid with a kickass idea!

They no doubt go together - cart and horse, but it's not the knowing someone that get's you somewhere, it's the actual something that does.