Women & Worthiness

Below is my contribution to #YesAllWomen. If you haven't yet, check out the hashtag. We are all scared, but we are all worthy. We are all to be respected and to give respect. These are things that unite all of humanity and to that I say, keep on bringing that into the world. Each and every day.


Some time ago a friend sent me a quote. I don't remember what it said exactly, but the gist was - what makes a beautiful women is the ability to cope with life, but what makes her unique is that she tends to forget her worth. And while I deeply appreciated the sentiment, it bothered me, deeply.

The premise of the quote is a fallacy:

1) forgetting one's worth is certainly not unique, it's actually quite normal (I bet you've done it)

2) being reminded that we are unique doesn't really emphasize worth or capability

I'm strong, kind and smart (most of the time) and I know my worth and my worthiness. And I also forget it, perhaps more regularly than I'd like to admit.

Those qualities and the forgetfulness are not unique - and I hope they never are. I want every woman I know, and those I do not, to know their worth. To stand up and own their capabilities and their weaknesses. This goes for men and children, too.

I want young women not to be told they are pretty or cute - but that they are smart, cunning, kind, generous, talented and full of deep and abiding love. The very same goes for young men. I want to foster character not caricature. We should be comfortable in our own skin, in our humanity, knowing we are worthy of love, especially our own.

I understand and I deeply appreciate the intent - but why not just say, You know who you are and when you remember to show that you know your worth, it's inspiring.

Keep on bringing that forward into the world... don't ever stop.