making sh*t happen

A while ago someone told me, "Well, our theory of leadership is that there is one person who basically makes things happen." And I felt my body revolt. Physically revolt. My response: "Well, that key catalyst isn't me. I've worked with an amazing team of people." What I wanted to say was there is no I in Team (yes, cliche I know)... that catalyst or not, it's solely a role someone, anyone, plays from time to time.

And furthermore, this idea that one person makes sh*t happen - is utter and complete bullshit. One person doesn't make anything happen without a community of people, places and things behind them.That's the funny things about analyzing real life... it sterilizes things. Analyzing takes a sliver of the whole story and fails to show the depth and interconnection. It's all well and good to tell one person's story, but when it comes to telling the story of a project, it's never the story of one person.

There is never just one catalyst.