Desire... every single day


It’s a loaded word. At least it is for me. I’ve often felt I didn’t deserve what I desired. That I was somehow unworthy or at least lacked some worthiness for what I wanted.

It’s so hard to share that, but it’s integral to what comes next.

But… (and this is even more important) The Desire Map helped change that for me. I’m not unworthy. Neither are you. Yep, that’s powerful. Very, very powerful. It opened me up, to create a space for desire. It was small at first, and maybe compared to some others, it still is. But it’s mine and that space has led to some pretty amazing things happening in my life.

I’ve taken on new opportunities, not the least of which is becoming a Desire Map Facilitator, I’ve opened my soul to new relationships and the most amazing friendships a human could have. I commune with peace and I write (even when I don’t post) with clarity. I know my body and I am embracing my spirit each and every day. It’s driven in large part because of those core desires I want to feel and that’s where The Desire Map comes in.

I desire love, vivaciousness, ingenuity and abundance. I seek them voraciously. I dig after opportunities, experiences and moments that bring those feelings into my life. Some days it’s easy. Some days it’s hard. Some days feeling vivacious is just shaving my legs, sometimes it’s back seamed stockings, red lips and high heels circa 1942.

I’ll take everything I can get that leads me closer and deeper into communion with what I desire.

I think you should too.

I’m thrilled to host and facilitate The Desire Map in San Rafael, CA beginning in January 2015.

I hope you’re ready to make room for what you desire.