resolutions & desire

2014. Just typing the numbers excites me. Like new school supplies in September, January is something fresh. So much potential stretched out and hopefully enough imagination to cover it all.

I stopped setting long-term goals many years ago, after setting my heart on something that was supposed to be my future, turned out to be… well, a catalyst for something (eventually) more fulfilling. So, long-term - I must do this… - type goals are long gone. Those must haves have now been subverted by thoughts defining, deconstructing and deepening  how I want to feel (and why) and then letting my imagination loose to choose how I accomplish/acquire/generate/generously give those feelings.

The author-extraordinaire Danielle LaPorte has pioneered this approach in her Desire Map Philosophy. If you want a unique and genuine way to lead yourself through 2014, the Desire Map might be it.

So back to the story - with long-term goals pushed aside and imagination set free, I found things, or perhaps they found me, to have some pretty incredible accomplishments and experiences over the last few years. It has also helped me say ‘no' a bit more often, which helped free up some much needed space to genuinely create.

So the desires for this year are very dear to me (and only to me) - Love, Vivacious (i.e. the sweet zeal of life!), Affluence (because it’s all about the flow of energy) and Ingenuity (curiosity, baby, curiosity!). And the entire point of this isn’t a one-size-fits all set of desired feelings… it’s a custom fit to me - exactly as it should be.

My declaration to 2014 - anything that makes me or brings me or allows me to give more of those feelings I will say YES(!!) to… the things that don’t… well, they won’t get as much attention.

To that end - there is a study plan (yep, I’m a nerd) which includes reading and experiencing more about design, writing and curiosity, a new blog design (to debut very soon!), more (much more) photography, a new blog feature that incorporates photography and writing called This I Believe, some serious yoga time, a promise to say hello to more people I don’t know, but want to meet (this is super scary for me), and a recognition of the importance of ease (i.e. if it’s not working, step away and gain some perspective). Sprinkle in a few amazing experiences (like the 2014 Kentucky Derby!) and pepper in lots, and lots, of love and the recipe for 2014 is sure to produce something sweet!

Wishing you and yours much love and light this year!