on fear & moving forward


Fear… it's what we are scared of. But, I would contend, it is also what propels us forward. Because at some point, we get tired, sick, and all around frustrated and fed up with being scared.


We become tired of being only one portion of who we are, of who we want to be - and we move beyond.


Perhaps living with fear opens up the door for us to more fully embrace life. To see fear for what it is and then gently, but firmly fold it up and place it in a drawer. Like an out of season sweater.


When you live with fear (and we all do), you spend a fair amount of time getting familiar. You learn to respect fear, but you also learn to see it for what it is and nothing more. When we get to that point in our relationship with fear, we can begin living as more than just a portion of ourselves.


Propelling each of us, ever forward.