an asterisk

I often hear people* discount themselves in the way one might add an asterisk to a sentence. As a caveat to our presence.  We don't give ourselves credit. We don't own our feelings or our skills. At least not very well.

An asterisk is not equal to a BUT - instead it's more of a faint addition. Not a discount, but rather an absent inclusion (by being absent, it is thus included). More like a footnote than an afterthought. Likely not included because it seems to be inappropriate or perhaps because we lack the capability, the words, and the where with all to voice the truth.

Asterisks manifest in thousands of ways. Our inflection is an asterisk. So is our body language. It is the faint addition to the words we say and those we choose to leave unsaid.

Here's why this bothers me… because an asterisk on life is inauthentic**. It's not a true representation. It may not be an outright lie, but it's not a core truth, either.

I don't think we can get away with walking that mid ground between truth and untruth much longer. Not if we want to be great.

And isn't that what we want?

*and by people I also mean to include, myself

**and I have a thing for authenticity