locard's principle, revisited

Dr. Edmond Locardwas a pioneer in forensic science. He formulated this most basic principle of forensic science (and of life): "Every contact leaves a trace". Every television show, movie and book about crime scene investigation relies (heavily, in fact) on this principle. A criminal simultaneously takes a piece of the crime scene and leaves a piece of himself during the act as any part-time devotee of Law and Order or CSI knows.

And so it is with all of human interaction.

We are touched, often deeply, by the humans we acquire during a lifetime. I say acquire, because sometimes their arrival is arbitrary and sometimes it is quite deliberate. Our network, neighborhood, family, peeps or just plain friends, teach us, train us and often lead us. 

Many times we are better for it. Sometimes not so much. Leaving a bit behind and taking a bit with us can be painful. Or even perhaps pleasurable when we recognize how much we helped someone grow.

Over the past few months, I've noticed (deeply so) that a few of my deepest relationships have left more than just a trace in my life. And I in their's. And likewise, I have taken, sometimes liberally, from those who have become a part of my scene.

I hope that never changes.