Salt vs. Fire

I've had quite literally thousands of conversations about passion. And yet very few about desire. And in my recent reading, I ran across this thought by Thomas Keller - American Restaurateur.

"It’s not about passion. Passion is something that we tend to overemphasize, that we certainly place too much importance on. Passion ebbs and flows. To me, it’s about desire. If you have constant, unwavering desire to be a cook, then you’ll be a great cook. If it’s only about passion, sometimes you’ll be good and sometimes you won’t. You’ve got to come in every day with a strong desire. With passion, if you see the first asparagus of the springtime and you become passionate about it, so much the better, but three weeks later, when you’ve seen that asparagus every day now, passions have subsided. What’s going to make you treat the asparagus the same? It’s the desire."

Thomas Keller on Passion

And it got me to thinking. We often equate passion and desire as the same thing, but they are clearly not. Perhaps they are of the same lineage. Yet it seems desire is the fire that boils the stew, while passion is simply the salt (just to continue with the kitchen metaphors) that offers valuable flavor.

I think the overriding question - for life, be it personal or professional, is how much are you putting forward and what's the balance? How hot is the fire and how salty is the stew?

Excess of either can destroy something that started out with merit, but only one can feed your soul (hint: it's not the salt).