2013: Lessons

2013 has taught me…

  • If you want to write all you need is a pen, some paper and some time
  • Vulnerability is priceless and pretty damn difficult to come by. Most people won’t/don’t/can’t let down their guard long enough to actually let someone past the drawbridge. 2013 gave me the privilege of doing that twice over
  • Technology is only a tool - which means it's both a blessing and a curse
  • Sometimes things are better off left unsaid
  • We are not solely made up of where or who we come from. We are an amalgamation of those things and much, much more
  • Eyes are the window to the soul
  • Brushing my teeth with tap water is a luxury I will no longer take for granted
  • It never hurts to ask, especially when you are afraid
  • I have the most incredible friends and family
  • The Bay Area is exactly where I belong, even though I sometimes miss the mountains
  • There is much to be said for sitting, listening and just breathing
  • The loves of my life include (but are not limited to)… burgundy ink, Moleskine notebooks, movies (actually documentaries), David’s Tea in the morning, pulled pork sandwiches from Ted’s Deli, homemade Muesli, books… and more books, M & D, B & E, and A, tech and the unplugging of said tech, freedom, creation, kick-ass networks, flowers and sunsets that take your breath away, and opportunities… lots of them!
  • That we are all a lot more capable than we like to think we are
  • Heartfelt peace is always the goal. Always